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One Product. Many Solutions.

SAP Business One
    SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that covers all the core operations necessary to run your business successfully.

    SAP Business One provides one simple solution that streamlines business processes, provides real-time information, and helps boost overall business performance.

    • Accounting & Finance

        General Ledger, including:
            1. Cost Accounting
            2. Project Accounting
            3. Budgets
        Accounts Receivable
        Accounts Payable
        Fixed Assets

    • Customer Relationship Management

        Marketing Campaign Management
        Leads Management
        Sales Opportunity Management

    • Logistics

        Inventory Management
        Sales Quotation to Sales Invoice
        Purchase Request to Purchase Invoice
        Bills of Material
        Material Requirements Planning
        Resource Management and Costing
        Production Order

    • Service

        Service Contracts
        Services Calls

    • Project Management

        Project Management
        Time Sheets

    • Reporting & Analytics

        Static & Dynamic Reports

    • Integrated Solutions

      Need to integrate your business processes with company headquarters, partners, or other applications and services? Explore SAP Business One integration solutions for growing and global organizations.